Going the Distance...For a Chair

Some things in life are well worth going to distance for and when I get a vision in my head, I'll pretty much spend days trying to make it a reality. T'was the case a few week ago when I decided that I needed (or more like wanted) a new chair for my living room. I'd bought an amaze chevron wingback chair and matching bench and when it arrived realized that I probably should have opted for two matching chairs rather than the bench. It was an impulse flash sale purchase so there was no turning back.

My new mission was to find another chair...that matched. Proportionally I needed the height of the winged back, but in a color or pattern that wouldn't compete. My initial thought was to find a similar style chair and have it reupholstered in a complimentary fabric, but that seemed like a project that would never happen. Plus, I was tossed up on whether two different chairs would look disjointed in the room. I searched around for some options and found a teal wingback chair that I wouldn't have to reupholster (at least not right away). The only problem was that it was a pick-up only item, but I mean what was and hour and half (one way) for an amazing $50 chair, right? So I bid away, won, and borrowed the rents mini van to pick it up.

Three hours later I was back in my place with the chair, and it was perfect. To break of the overload of the chevron, I paired the bench with the new chair and let the chevron chair stand alone. In the end going the distance for a classic Queen Anne wingback chair in a teal velvet was worth the hours of thought and gas spent.  


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